This private - gated - beach belongs to the Baloy family and features a long volcanic sand beach front.  Long popular with locals, it was discovered by the resident US Navy personnel when RNR establishments sprang up along the beach.
After the departure of the Americans from their Subic base, the beach evolved into two markets, one catering for local day trippers, the other as an international destination in it’s own right.  The proximity of Clark International Airport and Angeles City (less than 1 hour by road), and Manila, make this an ideal getaway.
Baloy Beach now hosts a variety of beach resorts from first class to budget, with restaurants and eateries serving local and international favourites.Beach activities abound, including scuba diving, floating bars, jet skiing and much more….
Baloy Beach Establishments
Resorts & Lodges
Blue Rock Resort
Getaway Lodge
Gold Coast
Harley’s Pub 
Johan’s Dive Resort
Kokomo’s Theme Resort
Lagoon Resort
Mangrove Hotel
Offshore Lodge
Palm Coast Resort
Seascape Resort
Subiza Resort
Sweetcorn Towers
Treasure Island Resort
White House 
Wild Orchid Resort

Pubs & Restaurants
Blue Rock Floating Bar
Ettan’s Pizza
South Sea Pearl
Trader Ric
Kokomo's Floating Bar
Capt'n Bob's

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